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Al Sancak Episode 13 English Subtitles

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The terrorist attack claws the team out of control and gets stuck in a building. The number of terrorists is around 150. The claw team has no more bullets left.

When Ali reported the matter to Commander Sajid, he immediately ordered Busra to contact the Turkish Air Force. And asked them to reach the place by Z plane. As soon as the news reached the Air Force, a Z-plane pilot named Ailul Chelik rushed out with a Z-plane.

Meanwhile, Boran escapes. When every member of the Nakhar team runs out of bullets, they decide that they will not be captured by the terrorists from here. They will either go alive or dead but don’t forget being captured.

Osman Online Al Sancak Episode 13 English Subtitles

When they have nowhere else to go, they decide to die. And asks Nadia to leave here. But he bravely decides to stay there. And tells them he is not going anywhere without them. If we die we will die together if we live we will live together. Here we are presented with an emotional scene.

Meanwhile, Ailul calls Çelik to inform him that the Claw team has bombed their location. And Cengiz speaks to Ailul Chelik on behalf of the claw team. He told him where to bomb first. Watch Al Sancak Episode 13 English Subtitles

And when Ailul Chelik asks them where they are? Where is the claw team? Then Genghis says we are inside the building at this place. And then we realize they are sacrificing their lives. And ordering bombs to be dropped on themselves.

Osmanonline Al Sancak Episode 13 English Subtitles

Hearing this, Ailul Chelik stopped and immediately said that he could not do it. But Genghis persuaded him about this with a lot of persuasion and Ailul Çelik told them that the Turks will never forget this sacrifice of yours. Ailul Çelik went over the place and threw a bomb. Immediately all the terrorists were completely destroyed.

In the next scene, we see that the Claw team is alive. Originally when Sabri was collecting weapons from dead terrorist soldiers he found a tunnel. And the tunnel leads out of that building. So when the bomb was dropped they went into that tunnel. And how the claw team survives with Sabri’s help. They cheered him on. Al Sancak Episode 13 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Nadia panics and goes to Elizabeth claiming to be her mother. Elizabeth gives him a task. That is to communicate with Sajid Commander and enter them ie become one of them. Nadia is not sure at first but later is convinced to do this. And he doesn’t take a pair of Elizabeth to find out if it’s true that Elizabeth is his mother, meaning he’ll do a DNA test with it.

Meanwhile, his mother overhears Ali and his sister Nadia talking about it. Through their words, her mother realizes that Chelah is actually Nadia who is a terrorist who has been lying to them all the time.

Boran is freed and goes after the Kali Commander. And he puts men behind Ali Commander when he goes out hunting and they follow him. When Ali Commander went inside the jungle they attacked him. Ali Commander realized and finished them all one by one. And when Ali Commander ran out of bullets, he got stuck. And then Nadia came and saved him.

Al Sancak Season 1 Episode 13 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Ailul Çelik and Genghis meet and Suleiman and Asli sit together in a restaurant and have fun. At such times terrorists attack them. Who were the people of Boran?
Sulaiman goes to save Asli when they clash. At such a time a bullet grows in his back.

In between, Sajid meets Commander and Elizabeth on the street, which Elizabeth does willingly. And they sit and talk for a while and say see you again as they leave. Al Sancak Episode 13 English Subtitles

Ali Commander’s mother came to her house to look for Ali Commander and said that Ali Commander had gone to the forest. Just then Nadia comes Ali Commander’s mother gets very angry seeing her. Because the commander’s mother knows him now. He knows he has always lied. So listen to him a lot and even slap him. And made it clear that his sons would never see him around his daughters again.

Meanwhile, Araj and Sedef meet. And while they were chatting, the terrorists planted a bomb under Sedef’s car. Sedef suddenly remembers in the middle of talking that his mobile is in his car. Then she wants to go to get the mobile but Araj doesn’t let her go. Araj tells him that he will bring the mobile himself and he goes to get it. The bomb exploded and Araj was injured.

Al Sancak English Subtitles

Araj on one side and Sulaiman on the other hand were injured. Everyone is very sad. And two were admitted to the hospital. Sulaiman’s condition is a little worse between the two. But the operation of both went well. And two are saved from death or any great harm.

Meanwhile, Nadia Ali informs the commander that a huge bomb is going to explode in the city on the orders of Boran a white car.
Upon getting information, Sajid’s Commander police, and detectives all mobilized and found the vehicle. The Claw team is on its way to catch the vehicle. and kills everyone in the car. And with many risks, the bomb is defused.

Osman Online al sancak

Meanwhile, Nadia meets Sedef outside the hospital and tells him to listen to her and stay away from her brother. Later when Commander Ali comes there Nadia asks him to take him to Commander Sajid.

As promised Ali’s Commander took her to Sajid’s Commander and Nadia surrendered. It is then revealed that Nadia is the daughter of Sajid Commander and he is known as Sajid Commander. Ali Commander could know that. After much talk Sajid Commander handed over Nadia to the soldiers and they took her away.

With all these events the volume ends. In the upcoming episode i.e. Al Sanzak Volume 13 we will see how Nadia gets released and joins the Nafar team. more

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