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Alparslan Episode 54

Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles

Episode 53 Review

The episode was very nice and full of mystery. It was one of the most thrilling episodes of the ongoing series. Bringing so many small words and thoughts from the past in the episode which was really amazing. The episode begins with a scene from Count Leon. Count Leon enslaves innocent people. Alp held a knife to their throats and extorted benefits from Arsalan. Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 54 with English Subtitles

The first Alp makes Arsalan condition that if he does not leave, he will kill the young children. Slaves and children will be killed if the siege is not lifted on the given condition. And the last condition is that if Sultan Alp Arsalan attacks this camp then no one will be able to get out alive from now on. Leon himself passed the responsibility of this new army base to Commander Camage.

Osman Online Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles

Leon finished talking to Alp Arsalan and very discreetly left the army base. He escapes through a secret tunnel. Takes only 2 soldiers with him. Alp Arsalan begins a new plan after hearing about Bey Leon. Sultan Alp Arsalan Bey is determined to rescue these slave girls and children at any cost. So he found a different way. And that is to gather information from those suspicious people of yesterday. Watch Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 54 with English Subtitles

A spy named Gera kidnapped the children from the school. Alp Arsalan Bey allows Artuk Bey to search around the city of Ray to find him. Meanwhile, keeping the slaves captive, Count Leon began building massive walls around his town of Anne. So that Alp Arsalan’s eyes would not easily fall on Annie. Leon began to quarrel with the engineers to speed up the construction work. So that the work is faster and stronger.

Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles

Count Leon breaks out of the camp where the slaves are being held. Then Alp Arsalan Bey appeared there. Leon wants to meet him. But Sultan Alp Arsalan returns as he is not there. Sultan Alp Arsalan then realized that there was no Leon in this camp. So he wondered what Leon’s next move might be. Leon starts a new plan with King Bagrat Meanwhile, Alp Arsalan tried to divert attention. Alp Arsalan Bay to escape the blockade. But Alp Arsalan did not raise the siege but stopped King Bagrat with a small force.

As a result, the blockade continued. And no new war starts. So Leon’s plan fails. Thus Leon tasted his first defeat. Sultan Alp Arsalan kept coming up with one new plan after another to save the captive children and slaves. Leon makes all the plans before leaving Akrak. But the secret message that came to him from the city of Re was arrested by Seferia Hatun.

OsmanOnline Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles

The devil called Karabaji Gera had to wait for several days before arresting him. Because he is a very smart and clever person. Alp Arsalan Bey and Seferia Hatun have to struggle to catch his plan.
Alp Arsalan Bay waited a little longer. Sultan Alp Arsalan waited until the army arrived from the city of Ray.

Meanwhile, the demonic man named Gera kills a girl. After the murder, he was hidden under the house. Because this girl does not want to cheat on Sultan Alp Arsalan. When she fails to do this trick, the demonic man named Gera kills the girl. They proceeded with their plot. Watch now Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 54 with English Subtitles

Sultan Alp sent a girl to Arsalan. Her husband has been banned by the army. Who was later killed by the army? He is Christian by religion. She introduces herself as Gera’s wife. But in fact, she is not Gera’s wife. Because the devil is doing bad things in the identity of the person named Gera. When this woman was answering various questions in front of Seferia Hatun, Akineya Hatun, Avar Alp, E Avar Alp realized that she was lying.

Osman Online Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles FHD

Avar Alp gestured towards Seferia Hatun. Then Seferia Hatun made a new plan. Released the woman. But secretly planted soldiers behind the woman. Who does that woman go with? Who do you talk to? The soldiers started collecting all the information. This is how Seferia Hatun found the devil named Gera. Seferia Hatun Gera, the demonic man arrested and brought to the city of Ray. Those who were his accomplices were also arrested. watch more

Meanwhile, after this arrest operation, a Christian woman became angry with Sultan Alp Arsalan. He becomes desperate to take revenge on the soldiers who were engaged in intelligence work. After seeing Sultan Alp Arsalan’s Alp Avar Bey, evil thoughts played on the woman’s mind. Download Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 54 with English Subtitles

When Avar Alp enters the house he gathers some people. Then when Avar Alp found the body of the dead woman inside the house, he started calling people. He continued to tell people that Avar Alp had killed this Christian woman. Christians are not safe under Sultan Alp Arsalan’s rule. In this way, the people of Chilla are kept together. As a result, everyone started killing Avar Alp. Beating like this almost makes him half-dead. Then he was rescued in Ataba and kept in jail as he will be sent to court Meanwhile, his brother rebelled against Sultan Alp Arsalan.

Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles

King Bagrat wants to enter Maryam PC for worship inside the fort to capture Maryam Fort. This is his rhythm identity. But Sultan Alp Arsalan knew this. So he goes after King Bagrat. Meanwhile, King Bagrat also made a new plan. Sultan Alp secretly places archers far in advance to defeat Arsalan and his forces. When Alp Arsalan Ber spies bring this news, he makes another plan to the contrary. As a result, King Bagrat was defeated. watch Alparalan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 54 with English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Seferia leaves the city of Ray with Atabe’s army in search of a man named Hatun Gere. But they were thrown in the street by the devil’s archers. But later Seferia Hatun’s forces killed all of them and captured the devil named Gere. From then on he began to unravel the secrets of all conspiracies. Watch more

Meanwhile, Sultan Alp Arsalan frees all the prisoners, but Count Leon sends some spies inside. This prolongs the problem. To solve this problem, Sultan Alp Arsalan went out to Bey Karvut. And this episode ends with this scene.

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