Alparslan Episode 55

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles

Osman Online Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu English Subtitles

Episode 54 Review

Alp-Arsalan Bey rushed to Shiraz on the news that Kavurta Bey had been killed in Shiraz. He came and saw a dead body hanging on the door of Shiraz. From a distance, it looks like Kavurta Bay, but when you go ahead, you see that it is Amir Fazlia. And over the door stands Kavurta Bey.

He came and welcomed Sultan Al-Arsalan. Sultan Alp-Arsalan went inside the palace and asked about the situation from Kavurt Bey. And said who gave you the order to kill? Kavurta Bey had arranged the plan in advance and lied to Alp-Arsalan Bey through K, a commander of Shiraz.

Meanwhile, we see how Fazlia was killed at Kavurta Bey’s place. Fazlia was about to kill Kavurta Bey when the commander lay in front of Sultan Alp-Arsalan. He wields the sword in Fazlia’s hand. And there begins a fight. which ends with the killing of Fazlia.

Osman Online Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, the people of the Christian community became very angry with Avar Bey. They keep demanding justice. The slandered woman named Gemma continues to anger people. Avar Bey was detained in jail.

Meanwhile, when Count Leon gets the news that Jato has been captured. Hearing this, Count Leon was a little worried. But immediately made a plan. And that is to kill Count Leon Zato in prison and put the blame on Avar Bey. He helps Avar Bey to escape from jail. And he knew the Christians would get angrier as he fled. He thought that a bigger riot would start with this. Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles

Sultan Alp-Arsalan assigned Erbazkan Bey to Shiraz. Kavurta Bey and his son Mardan set out for the city of Ray. But every now and then Sultan Alp-Arsalan was suddenly attacked and he was shot in the hand. When Kavurta Bay chases the attackers, we find that they are actually people from Kavurta Bay. Alp-Arsalan Bay follows Kavurta Bay. Kavurta Bey killed his own men when Alp-Arsalan Bey appeared while Kavurta Bey was talking to the attackers. Thus he won the trust of Sultan Alp-Arsalan.

Osmanonline Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles

Seferie Hatun was being followed by a man. Later it is known that he is a Shehzad of Karakhanali. whose name is Nasser? His other brother Khidir Shah rebelled against him. wants to kill him. So Nasser Seferye comes to ask for help from Hatun.

But Seferiye Hatun informed him that he could not help him except by prayer. As a result, he decided to go back. But he was attacked on the way and when the news reached Seferiye Hatun, he set off and saved Shehzada Naser from his brother Khidir Shah’s men. Appear before Sultan Alp-Arsalan of Nasser. Explain everything. And we know meanwhile, his brother was named Khidir Shah. He was incited to revolt mainly by Kavurta Bey’s son Mardan, who did so on Kavurta Bey’s orders. Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 55 English Subtitles

Count Leon, meanwhile, had thrown some of his troops among the helpless. They entered the Seljuk Palace. They are given the responsibility to kill Jato. And to fulfill this duty they needed to go to jail. So they created a disturbance in the hospital and went to jail.

Meanwhile, Seferye tells Hatun Jato about his crimes and says they are punishable by death. And if you want to escape it, you will tell the truth in court. Jato gets scared and prepares to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, Count Leon’s soldiers are in jail to carry out their plan. They broke out of the prison at night and killed Jato and many Seljuk soldiers. And put on their clothes and take Avar Beke out of the jail unconscious. At night, Sultan Alp-Arsalan dreams of Avar Bey being hanged and Count Leon doing the hanging. He became a little depressed.

Osman Online Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

In the morning, Sultan Alp-Arsalan went to the jail to investigate the matter and found Jato’s body lying there. And a jailer got the key with a prisoner so he was taken for interrogation and beaten a lot but he kept claiming his innocence. Because he didn’t really commit a crime. Originally the key was inserted into his prison by Count Leon’s soldiers.

Meanwhile, we find Count Leon very quickly busying the hapless men with building the wall. And torturing them and not giving them food and water accordingly.

Alp-Arsalan Bey plans to play a game with the woman who slandered him. He wrote a letter and sent it to the woman. Meanwhile, he withdrew the soldiers behind him. So that he is safe. The woman reads the letter.

The letter read “Come to the fort unseen”. The woman received the letter, thinking it had been sent by Count Leon. So he goes to the fort. And after that woman, Sultan Alp-Arsalan purposely sent Yorgo, the Christian’s bride. By doing this, he will be a witness with his own eyes.

Osman Online Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu

When the woman goes before Count Leon, Count Leon, and the woman realize that this is a game of Sultan Alp-Arsalan. Then County Leon killed the woman. And it is already called Alp-Arsalan Bay Yorgo. And through this, it becomes clear to Yorgo that the woman is essentially a game designed by Count Leon. He wants to be on the side of truth so he tells it honestly in front of the people.

Meanwhile, Khidir Shah is not prepared for war and Sultan Al-Arsalan and Naser head towards Karakhanali lands. On the way, Khidir Shah fell into a trap. And a fight ensues. Where Sultan Alp-Arsalan and Nasser win. And imprisoned him for life. Sultan Alp-Arsalan gave Shahzada Nasser the child and appointed him the head of the prisons.

Court was held in the city the next day. Where the Qazi does not receive the criminal and the witness against the criminal. And using this opportunity the infidels made another plan. Captures a man’s wife and children. And threatening to kill his family planted a bomb on the man’s body and asked the court to detonate the bomb. And to say this before detonating the bomb. “What our Bey has done has hardly happened. All the Christians in the whole world will die one by one.” Watch more

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 55 English Subtitles

By this, everyone will understand that he is a Turk and that he belongs to Sultan Alp-Arsalan. This would cause everyone to lose confidence in the Seljuk kingdom and cause a massive massacre. The man does as he is told and there is a big explosion. Many people were injured and killed through this. And Sultan Alp-Arsalan was also wounded. When Alp-Arsalan Bey regains consciousness at the end of the episode, he shouts “Seferiye, Seferiye”, but Seferiye Hatun is not shown.

Alp-Arsalan Buyuk Seljuklu Volume 54 ends with these events. And we are going to get the answer in the next volume i.e. volume 55 if Sultan Alp-Arsalan lost someone close to him in the explosion. Is Yorgo the last witness alive? Read more

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