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Alp Arslan Episode 56

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Osman Online AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles


This week’s episode of Alp Arsalan was full of problems and obstacles. A more difficult crisis for Sultan Alp Arsalan may not have come since his accession to the throne. On the one hand, the Christian community is angry with Sultan Alp Arsalan. On the other hand, there is no trace of Alp Avar, the closest to Sultan Alp Arsalan.

Leon is making one new conspiracy after another. At the same time, Karvut Ber’s deceitful behavior has put Sultan Alp Arsalan in danger. A major accident is shown at the beginning of the episode. where a suicide bomber on Leon’s orders carries out a bomb attack to kill the Pope Bishop.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Christians present there and all members of Alp Arsalan’s family became victims of this bombing. This attack was carried out when Sultan Alp Arsalan was about to expose all the conspiracies to the Christians. This again made the Christian community angry with Alp Arsalan.

An idea arose within them that Sultan Alp Arsalan had carried out the attack to kill the Pope. Due to this misconception, Sultan Alp Arsalan again failed to expose the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Avar Beke is tortured by Leon in a room.

Osmanonline Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Because of Avar Alp’s shouting, the punishment was increased on him. He was buried in a hole in the ground. Up to the neck is under the ground In this situation, Count Leon tells him that you will kill Sultan Alp Arsalan with your own hands. Thus he was given various drugs to make him go mad.

Count Leon holds our Alp prisoner. But he finds a soldier who looks like him. Christian villages were set ablaze with him. Wealth was looted from the people of the village through him.

Osman Onlinre Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

At the end of this looting the man says that I am Avar Alp. Sultan Alp is Arsalan’s most trusted companion. Know me all. Because of these words, the people of the Christian community became more and more angry. Because this soldier looted in the name of Sultan Alp Arsalan. Hearing this news, Sultan Alp Arsalan himself came to that village. The Christians then asked Sultan Alp Arsalan why he had come here.

Sultan Alp Arsalan replied that he had come to see the people. Then they said that from now on we no longer belong to the Seljuk state. Then Sultan Alp Arsalan wanted to know which country they belonged to. They reply that they belong to Rome. Then a group of troops from Leon attacked Sultan Alp Arsalan and his traveling companions.

Sultan Alp Arsalan killed all those rebel soldiers. Then you will soon see who your real friends are because of the purpose of the common people who are there. Sultan returned from that rebellious area to Prasad. Coming here Sultan wants to know details about Leon’s conspiracy. Artuk Bey is tasked with finding the person who is doing all these misdeeds using the alias of Avar Alp.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Sultan Alp Arsalan asked Karvut Bey about his son Mardan. But as Karvut Bey remained silent, the Sultan asked him again and again where his son had gone. In response, Karvut Bey Sultan told Alp Arsalan that his son had gone to Keraman.

In fact, as they were away from the fort for a long time, he went to Karaman to restore security and order there Then Sultan Alp Arsalan said did your son come here only to take sword against us.

In response, Karvut Bey Sultan Alp Arsalan said that his son would never fight against his father and their uncle (Sultan Alp Arsalan) again. He has promised that he will not do any kind of conspiracy. So Sultan Alp Arsalan never had to worry about his son again.

Count Leon traps King Bagrat. He sent Raja Bagrat to Surmari Durg. Sultan Alp Arsalan Bey will attack him when a group of soldiers enters Surmari Banijya Fort with King Bagrat. And thus he will lose all his soldiers. This news reached Sultan Alp Arsalan when King Bagrat arrived at Surmari Bazar.

Kayifamilytv Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Sultan attacked Raja Bagrat. and brought him captive. However, Sultan Alp Arsalan ordered King Bagrat to surrender to him before fighting. But he did not listen to Sultan Alp Arsalan and started the war. By this he lost all his soldiers. Later he himself was captured by Sultan Alp Arsalan.

Meanwhile, Count Leon learns that the Pope is still alive. Then he sent a message to kill him again.

Sultan Alp Arsalan placed the pope bishop in Suleiman Ber Zimmadar. Security has been beefed up around the service station. Meanwhile, the construction of the walls of Leon was completed. He is very happy that no one can ever come inside his castle again.
Sultan Alp Arsalan left for Ani.

Meanwhile, when Count Leon learns that Sultan Alp Arsalan is coming, he bursts into laughter. Everyone else who came with Sultan Alp Arsalan was speechless for a few minutes. Because when they come to Annie they see a huge wall surrounding Annie.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 56 English Subtitles

Looking at Sultan Alp Arsalan they say Sultan this wall cannot be broken. Then Sultan Alp Arsalan raised his hand to everyone’s surprise. Then there was a huge explosion at a point on the wall with a hand gesture It is a matter known since the time of Sultan Alp Arsalan. Because Leon has done this work with the architect.

He appointed Sultan Alp Arsalan. So he goes to Count Leon as per the word of Sultan Alp Arsalan. Leon started working with him. In this way Sultan Alp Arsalan can know everything in advance

The episode ends with this wall destruction scene. watch more

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