Osman online Barbaros Hayreddin

Barbaros Hayreddin 17

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

Osman Online Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles


Khairuddin Barbarossa imprisons the emperor and Daria in the castle, while Maria is brought and imprisoned together. None of the soldiers outside the fort know the news that the Emperor and his men have been captured. Khairuddin Barbarossa wanted to conquer the fort unnoticed, but there were many soldiers outside.

So Barbaros Khairuddin made a plan. He filled the underground tunnel of the fort through Turgut Bay with gunpowder. As soon as a shell is fired, the entire fort will explode and go up in flames. But Khairuddin Barbarossa does not want any people to suffer. So he made another plan along with this plan. He sends Batista to the priest. And said: To move the people to the north.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Pasha captured the chief Janessari Pasha and Ayaz Pasha. And Ibrahim Pasha demands an answer from Ayaz Pasha as to why he had helped the chief Janessari Pasha. And then he asked Ayaz Pasha to show him the proof he got from the Chief Jannesari Pasha.

but actually it was not a proof, the proof was already given to Yahya Effendi by Jannesari Pasha. And the evidence he had was essentially a poem against Ibrahim Pasha. Ibrahim Pasha is addressed in the poem. This made Ibrahim Pasha very angry. And commissioned Ayaz Pasha to find out who wrote this poem.

Meanwhile, Khairuddin Barbarossa learns from Maria about the map that Luna is looking for, Khairuddin Barbarossa takes advantage of it and makes a plan. Khairuddin Barbarossa shares the plan with Luna. And plans to take the map.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

But meanwhile Turgut Reis made preparations for the attack and ordered cannons to be brought. But Khairuddin Barbarossa came and stopped him just before he could throw the bomb from the cannon, and saved the people from a great danger.

Meanwhile Khairuddin needs to get the map of Barbarossa so he makes a plan with Luna. He captures Luna as planned. and asked to gain Mary’s faith. Luna does so which is part of the plan and Maria calls Luna the location of the map.

But not complete. So it happens that the map shows Luna on the paper, but in the morning when Khairuddin takes Barbarossa to see it, the paper is blank. But Luna said there really was a map. Marcela says the same to him. So Khairuddin Barbarossa called the map researcher and showed the matter.

Osmanonline Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

The researcher says: It can be seen in light, and it needs a fake ink. Also if we make a mistake while doing it. Then I will never see this map again. Khairuddin Barbarossa believes in the researcher, because he is a man of Turgut Reis. and entrusted him with the task of solving it. and prepared to attack the fort. Meanwhile, Turgut Reis sent signals to the people to separate from the fortress.

Shahsuwar works for Hatun Ibrahim Pasha. But now it is not able to bring any information. Because her brother is planning and working in secret from her, she exploits the information by giving her niece what she wants by coveting the land.

And Ayaz Pasha’s daughter extracts information from Ayaz Pasha and gives it to Shahsuwar Hatun. The information is that the original proof did not reach Ibrahim Pasha, so where is this proof? In fact, the evidence that Yahya Effendi has refers to Ayaz Pasha’s daughter as Ayaz Pasha’s sister, and to Ayaz Pasha’s sister, Hatun Ibrahim Pasha of Shahsuwa.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

Meanwhile Praman was very worried about Yahya Effendi. How to reach Praman T Sultan? He cannot enter the palace. He thought that if he could not reach the Sultan, he would bring the Sultan to him. And so he does.

He invited the Sultan to his dargah. and requested the Sultan to come alone. If Ibrahim Pasha knew about this, he went to the Sultan and asked? Did I do something wrong? That you did not inform me about your invitation. Then Sultan said the matter is secret. Ibrahim Pasha asks?

who Who are you going to for secrets? Then Sultan said I am not going they are calling me to Sirat Mustakim. After hearing this, Ibrahim Pasha understood a lot about who had called the Sultan. Ibrahim Pasha therefore reached the Dargah of Dervish Yahya. And let the Sultan be present when he will ask them out. Ibrahim Pasha got scared seeing the Sultan.

The Sultan wants to know if there is any proof of this Ibrahim? Who are you so afraid of? Meanwhile, Yahya Effendi gave the evidence to the Sultan. Sultan read the proof. And said that “You wrongfully killed Chelebi?” Then Ibrahim Pasha denied it. And says I have proof that I did not kill him unjustly.

Osman Online Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

My proof is the Chief Janissary Pasha, who betrayed him in like manner, whom I put to death. But I later forgave him to show you the truth. Then Ibrahim Pasha appeared to Janesari Pasha, and asked him, tell the Sultan everything? Then the chief Janesari Pasha reversed his character and told the Sultan that I and Çelebi Pasha had disobeyed the order together. Forgive me Sultan.

Yahya Effendi was surprised to see this. And asks son what are you talking about? Then he says I am telling the truth. When the scene changes, we understand that Ibrahim Pasha had gone to Janesari Pasha’s prison the night before, informed him of the imprisoning of his family and his pardon. That is why Janesari Pasha did this.

Meanwhile, Luna tells her girlfriend Marcela that she is working with Barbarossa, the plan they are planning, and Luna’s loyal soldier overhears this and tells Maria about it. Maria gets angry and wants to kill Luna. But the soldier says he won’t let that happen, because he doesn’t want the soldier to be one with Barbarossa, but he won’t let Luna come to any harm.

And the soldier tells one more thing, that Barbarossa wants to save Maria’s people. Knowing this, Maria makes a plan. And that is that he imprisons the people. And he wants to take back the emperor and Daria at the cost of their lives.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 17 English Subtitles

Knowing this, Khairuddin Barbarossa came to the fort with the Emperor and Daria and other prisoners. Meanwhile, a soldier loyal to Luna from atop the castle walls shoots a poisoned arrow at Khairuddin Barbarossa, which Maria originally gave him to kill Khairuddin Barbarossa.

Through all these events the volume ends here, in Khairuddin Barbarossa Sultan’s Order Volume 17 we are going to get the answer, will Khairuddin Barbarossa be freed from that poisonous arrow? Can you find the map within the map? Can the castle be captured? Can the prisoners be saved? What will happen to Yahya Effendi? read more

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