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Barbaros Hayreddin 18

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18 English Subtitles

Osman Online Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18 English Subtitles


Maria Barbarossa orders Luzzatto to kill Khairuddin with a poisoned arrow. Just before Barbarossa kills Khairuddin, Luzzatto is captured by Kamankes Pasha. And Kamankes threw the dice arrow at Maria.

Being poisonous, the poison has to spread in his body. No one knew that the arrow was poisonous. When Kamankes Pasha is about to kill Luzzatto, he mentions it and says he has the antidote for it. Killing him will also kill Maria.

Barbaros Hayreddin English Subtitles

And if Maria dies, Barbarossa will no longer have the map of Khairuddin Island. Then Kamankes releases the dice. Khairuddin asks Maria to order the soldiers of the Barbarossa fortress to leave the fortress. Maria agrees to do everything for fear of death. Thus Khairuddin Barbarossa conquered the complete fort.

Meanwhile, the Sultan learns all about Ibrahim Pasha, yet forgives him without hearing him know anything else, it says. And the Sultan made a decision. What Ibrahim Pasha told was that the chief of the sea had been Kamankes Pasha until now, and Barbarossa would appoint Khairuddin as the chief of the sea.

Meanwhile, and the Sultan meanwhile gave a task to Ibrahim Effendi. The task is to bring cartographer Piri Reis to the Sultan’s presence. And the Sultan gave separate state aid to Piri Reis for mapping. And with him Barbarossa united Khairuddin.

OsmanOnline Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18 English Subtitles

That is, Barbarossa Khairuddin and Piri Reis will work together for the Ottoman Empire under the orders of the Sultan from now on. Together they will venture to a place no one has been before and Piri Reis thinks only Khairuddin Barbarossa can hope for. No one can do otherwise.

Meanwhile, Luna escapes with the map Barbarossa left with the cartographer Khairuddin left to decipher the map. But he couldn’t figure it out so he decided to seek Piri Reis’s help.

So Luna offers Ibrahim Pasha that he will be strong if he understands the drawing of the map. and informs that he can be reunited with his family. Ibrahim Pasha thinks that Piri Reis will get the job done.

Meanwhile, one of Piri Reis’s soldiers is captured by one of Nei Darya’s soldiers. They captured him and tortured him to give information about Piri Reis’ hideout and whereabouts. But the soldier gives no information.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18 English Subtitles

Daria unites with Ibrahim Pasha and brings the army of Piri Reis to Ibrahim Pasha’s residence. Daria is essentially allied with Ibrahim Pasha to assassinate the Sultan. Ibrahim Pasha made a plan. Somehow the soldier escaped from there.

Meanwhile the Sultan assembled all the Pashads and appointed Barbarossa Khairuddin as the Chief of the Sea. At this meeting of the pashas in the presence of the sultan, Ibrahim Pasha questioned Barbarossa Khairuddin’s position. He claimed that the soldiers would not obey him.

Then Ibrahim Pasha said Sultan it would be good if we go together and see with our own eyes whether the soldiers are loyal to Barbarossa Khairuddin. Sultan Ibrahim Pasha kept his word and said that he would write the matter with his own eyes.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18 English Subtitles

And using this opportunity, Ibrahim Pasha made a plan, that is to kill the Sultan. And the plan of this assassination was laid out on a map which Piri Reis’s soldiers saw and took with them as they fled. And when Barbarossa handed it over to Khairuddin Pasha, he clearly understood that it was a plan to kill the Sultan and that it was Ibrahim Pasha. Barbarossa Khairuddin Pasha reached the Sultan with the evidence. And told the Sultan the details.

But the map shows that one of the bombs that will explode is at Ibrahim Pasha’s place. Then the plan unfolds better. Basically Ibrahim Pasha planned the plan in such a way that he voluntarily let the soldier escape and take the map of the plan.

When it was seen that Ibrahim Pasha himself was involved in the killing here, the finger was pointed at the Wazir Azam Pasha. Then Sultan and Barbarossa Khairuddin realized the matter i.e. the plan of Wazir Azam Pasha. What Ibrahim Pasha wanted.

Kayifamily Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 18 English Subtitles

And when the Sultan and the other pashas assembled to see whether the soldiers obeyed Barbarossa Khairuddin Pasha. Then a man came towards Ibrahim Pasha. Just then one of Barbarossa Khairuddin’s soldiers fired a shot and Ibrahim Pasha’s face gushed out a lot of blood and he fell to the ground. The blood on the face was originally the plan of Ibrahim Pasha. Read more

Barbarossa Khairuddin Sultan’s Order Bolum 17 concludes with these events.

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