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Kurulus Osman Episode 113

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles


Episode 112 begins with a suffocating scene. Ismihan Sultan ordered Bala Hatun and Sheikh Edeb Ali to be hanged. Just then Osman Bey struck the soldier who was pulling the rope with the knife he had.

Then his alps along with Aktemur Bey inside the fort shot arrows. By this, Bala Hatun and Shaikh Edeb Ali could be saved from execution. Ismihan tells Sultan Osman Bey that Sultan Alauddin is coming. You cannot leave this fort.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles Kayifamily

You will die today or tomorrow. In response, Osman Bey said that those who want martyrdom, who are afraid of death? We are not afraid of death. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation in Sogu continued to deteriorate. Other Alps including Malhun Hatun and Kumral Abdal are trying their best. But the epidemic is not under control.

Malhun Hatun suspects Marta of spreading the virus But a search of his shop found no trace. Malhun Hatun orders Olgen Hatun and Ayesha Hatun to keep an eye on Marta. Sultan Alauddin entered Marmaraji with a large army. Sultan enters and asks all the archers and alps to lay down their arms. Then Osman Bey said it is only my order

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles Kayifamilytv

He asks the warriors to lower their weapons. Sultan Alauddin ordered Alp to be imprisoned And ordered Osman Bey and Bala Hatun to be arrested and sent to jail. Their trial will be done by the court tomorrow

Meanwhile, Asma brings the news that Marta is getting rid of all these epidemics with a new shop. Malhun Hatun and everyone headed towards that shop. At that time, an Alp reported that Osman Bey and Bala Hatun had been captured. Then Malhun Hatun left for Marmarajik to save them

When Malhun asked to meet Hatun Osman Ber the Sultan, he was not allowed to go back. Meanwhile, Bengi Hatun became very angry when he saw Olof with Ismihan Sultan. Then Ismihan Sultan explained to him that he would take revenge on Olof. But Osman must be killed first, so he joins Olof

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles Osman Online

Kantakazanos requested the Sultan to try Osman Bey in their court, but the Sultan refused. Kantakazanos got angry at this. Arguing with Olof, Osman wants to save Bey from captivity. Because if he wants to sit in the seat of the emperor, he will need power. And the main source of that power will be part of the crucified cross of Jesus Christ. Which is near Osman Ber.

And so he saves Osman to take it. He sent a message to Ismihan Sultan. When Ismihan Sultan came, they suggested that killing Osman would cause the people to rebel. So first he has to be made a treasonous traitor. And so he must be brought out of prison. Ismihan Sultan gives this Kantakazanos.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles

Osman Bey was released from prison as planned. In the morning the Sultan was informed that Osman Bey had escaped. Among the imprisoned Alps was Aktemur. Alchechik helps Aktemur out of prison Aktemur comes out of the prison with all the Alps. Kantakazanos locked Osman and Bala Hatun in a cave and began torturing them for the cross.

Bala started torturing in front of Osman. Frigg stabs Bala with a knife Then Osman Bey says that there is a shepherd who has that cross. Kantakazanos was happy to hear the news. And passes Osman to Olof and says now you can kill them. Before Olof went to kill Osman Bey, Osman Bey cut the rope on his arm with his own ring. When Olof goes to kill him, he knocks Olof out with a stone and brings Bala Hatun.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 English subtitles

Sultan Masud was taken out of prison and taken to a forest to kill him. Ismihan Sultan’s alp sad summons an executioner to execute him. The executioner put the hanging rope around the neck and started pulling. Just then Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey shot arrows Which hit the executioner holding the rope on the head. And there he died Sultan Masood was released. This time Turgut Bey helped them along. Sultan Masud came back alive from being killed

Kantakazanos goes to the shepherd and asks him for a deposit. He wants to know the secret. Kantakazanos tells him the secret (code). Then the shepherd took him a little inside. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun left Olof’s hands and went straight to the shepherd. And there, with the other Alps, he marched against Kantakazanos. And Kantakazanos marched against him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles

A fight breaks out between the Alps of Osman Bey and Kantakazanos. After defeating Kantakazanos, Osman Bey beheaded him. The head was sent as a gift to Ismihan Sultan by Boran Alp.

Seeing the head of Kantakazanos, Ismihan Sultan shouted loudly to punish Osman again. Meanwhile, Sultan Alauddin left Marmarajik for Konya. Ismihan Sultan prevented the Osman Ber family from staying in Ineşihar. Malhun Hatun returns to the Kai settlement with all their old belongings.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles Kayifamily

When this news reached Osman Bey, he and everyone returned to the settlement. And there the dinner was organized Alauddin Bey wants to know where the sign of the cross is. In response, Osman Bey says, “Grow up, you will know everything in time.”

At this time, Turgut Bey Alauddin and Orhan Ber praised and said today Sultan Masud. Who did they save? The arrangement was very nice. Osman Bey asked to move forward with the dream of new state institutions. And this episode ends with these words.

Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English subtitles



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