Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina Episode 8

Ibn Sina Episode 8 with English Subtitles

“Ibn Sina” is a short drama Turkish series based on the childhood of the legendary Ibn Sina, which airs on Tabii, a popular Turkish OTT platform. The series is directed by “Hakan Arsla”. The most notable physician, astronomer, philosopher and a writer of the 10th century. The father of early modern medicine in the Islamic Golden Age whose full name was Abu Ali Husayn bin Abdullah Ibn al-Hasan bin Ali Ibn Sina. The series has become very popular among people speaking different languages in different countries besides Turkey.

Ibn Sina all episodes with English Subtitles

The series stars the popular child actor [kaan Alp Dayi] as ‘Seena’ in the series. [Meriç Ozkaya] has an important role as Sina’s father in the story “Abdullah”. [Deniz Bolisik] “Shahriar” in the story plays Sina’s mother. [Burak Tamdogan] played an important role in the story as “Kushyar Effendi”. Kushir Effendi was a teacher and researcher. more

Ibn Sina is an inquisitive boy who wants to discover knowledge, does not match his age and is more intelligent and intelligent than his age. He read and researched the works of Aristotle. He acquired such knowledge at an early age that when he entered the Madrasa he was comparable to the elders of his age. He was so scientifically minded from his childhood that he also invented the technology of drawing water from deep wells using wind velocity.

Ibn Sina Episode 8 with English Subtitles

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