Kurulus OsmanKurulus Osman Season 5

Kurulus Osman 132 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman 132 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman season 5 episode 132 English Subtitles

Osmanonline Kurulus Osman 132 English Subtitles

The most painful scene in the trailer, maybe many of you have not noticed, in the scene shown in the trailer, although Zerkutay Alp is free, it is clear that one of Zerkutay Alp’s hands has been cut off due to torture by Shakra.

Maybe everyone’s favorite Jerkutay Alp will not be seen fighting with a sword in two hands In the trailer, Zerkutay Alp can be seen talking very arrogantly in front of Osman Bey. Kurulus Osman season 5 episode 132 English Subtitles

Why is he so angry with Osman Bey? What danger is waiting for Osman Bey to come out in the next episode? I will know the answers to all such questions, and I will try to briefly analyze the second trailer, inshallah.

At the beginning of the trailer, it is seen that Osman Bey and Boran Alp are returning empty-handed from a trip. It is clear that Osman Bey could not rescue Alp in Jerkuta, but in the next scene, Alp suddenly appears in Jerkuta at Usman Ber’s dinner party. Osman Bey was shocked to see him,

So who rescued this Jerkuta Alp? In the last scene of the last episode, we saw Yakup Bey calling Usman Bey to accept him as Sultan,, but Osman Bey won’t accept him as Sultan, but Yakup Bey will understand how important it is to get Alp Osman Beyr, who is imprisoned in Lefk Durg, to get out, according to information, Yakup Bey is in Zerkuta. will save Alp,

Another scene in the trailer shows Jerkutay Alp being taken somewhere in a prisoner car, basically Yakup Bey will deliver Jerkutay Alp to Jerkutay Alp, then Yakup Bey will put sperm against Usman Ber in Jerkutay Alp’s ear. Jerkutay will try to convince Alp that Osman Bey did not go to rescue you despite getting all the news long ago.

In this way, Zerkuta will create hatred towards Usman Ber in Alp’s mind After that, Zerkuta Alp will be delivered to Usman Ber In the next scene of the trailer, Jerkutay Alp tells Usman Bey with so much pain and pride, I was waiting for my beam to come to save me.

But you didn’t come The story is very similar to Boran Alp in season 3, Boran Alp wanted to save Uzir Alim Shakra from the hands of Osman Bey, but after opposing for some time, Boran Alp worked for Osman Bey, the same will happen with Alp in Zerkuta.

In the next scene of the trailer, it can be seen that Urhan Bey rescues the Byzantine daughter Hulofira, although there is a possibility that Hulofira will be rescued from the bandits by Mehmet Bey, Yakup Ber’s son, then Mehmet Bey will leave Hulofira in Urhan Ber’s hands after Yakup Ber orders, because Yakup Bey is At the moment, Osman does not want to leave the house. more

Because the Bima of all Turkish settlements have already accepted him as Sultan, except Usman Bey. Because of this, Yakup Bey wants to become Sultan easily with Osman Ber with his support, then it is seen that Bala Hatun has recovered a lot, his son Alauddin Ber is meeting with Bala Hatun, and Bala Hatun says Yakup Bey now wants Usman Ber’s help. Clearly Yaqub Bey is by no means looking to get out of Usman Ber Shakhr.

Let’s talk about one more scene, in the trailer it is seen that the Bhimeras of all the Turkish settlements, including Yakup Bey, have gathered in the fortress of Osman Ber Yeniseh, in this meeting, Yakup Bey will fail to make himself Sultan, and the fight will begin, Osman Bey says in the trailer, Shakrar First, there will be a fight between themselves and a lot of blood will flow, so it is assumed that this power struggle between Usman Bey and Yakup Ber will be in several more episodes of season 5. more




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