Kurulus Osman Ep 135

Kurulus Osman Ep 135 with English

Holofira and Orhan Bey break up When Orhan Bey defeats Mehmed Bey and returns to the settlement with gold from him, Malhum Hatun tells Holofia to go back. Orhan went to say something to him, but Orhan Ber Ma Malhun Hatun did not listen to him.

Orhan Bey is addicted to the love of Holofia. Meanwhile, Tekfu’s daughters Holofira and Orhan Ber are getting weaker and weaker. Although he is proving himself tough on the outside. The fact is that two dissimilar objects attract each other.

And that’s why they want to come to each other Escaping with Orhan Bey to the outskirts of Ineşihar and saving Orhan Bey from death only strengthens their love relationship. Originally Holofira was the daughter of a Tekfur, which showed some stubbornness and inflexibility in her.

For all these reasons, Malhun dislikes Hatun Holofia. In the end, however, these barriers seem to be no resistance to Orhan Ber’s love. Holofia’s last meeting with Orhan Ber is poignant and painful. Orhan has given Holofia a place in his heart.

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 with English subtitles

One Ashek understands how deep the pain of love is. Holofia’s affair Orhan Ber tries to take care of himself when all efforts fail. Meanwhile, Osman Bey informs his daughter Fatima that he wants to marry Orhan and Alauddin Bey.

Then Fatima says that Orhan Ber is in a relationship with Holofia. And Gonja Hatun’s love affair is brewing with Alauddin Ber. Meanwhile, Gonza Hatun’s brother Mehmed Bey was killed by Orhan Bey and came away with gold.

When Orhan Bey entered Ineşihar with the gold of the treasury, Osman Bey ordered Baindar Bey to distribute some of it to the border markets. Bynder Bey Osman Ber said that he distributed among the poor people in the border markets according to their needs.

This increases the acceptability of Osman Ber in the market. On the other hand, Yakub Bay does this to be equal with Yakub Ber. This initiative has been taken so that Yakub Bay does not look down on the Kayi settlement in any way. This donation will also play a special role in keeping the market free from monopoly. more

Kurulus Osman Ep 135 with English




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