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Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles


We all know Kurulus Osman Season 4 is ending with just one more episode to come
And millions of viewers are waiting for this episode. Anyone who watches Kurulus regularly knows that Osman Bey will make its debut as an independent settlement in this episode.

In the next 130 volumes, the historical “Battle of Buffius” will take place. The Battle of Bafias, or the Battle of Koinohisar, was fought on 2 July 1302 on the shores of Yalakova between the Ottoman army under Osman I and the Byzantine army under George Mouzalan.

The war ended in a major victory for the Ottoman Empire. As a result, the words of Uthman’s bravery and war tactics in Anatlia and the surrounding lands came to everyone’s mouth. Warriors, Ghazis, Begs scattered in different parts slowly joined the army of Usman.

Battle of Bafius Key Battle: Byzantine-Ottoman War. Date: 27 July 1302 Location: Between Nicomedia and Nicaea, Bithynia. Changes in Occupied Areas: The Constantinople administration lost control of Bithynia and the Ottomans took it over. Commanders and Leaders – For the Muslims: Osman I Turgut Alp Kanur Alp Prahar Ashfaq For the Byzantines: George Mouzalon II Andronikos Legion; Usman Bey’s 5000 Byzantines 12000 Results: Ottoman victory.

And through this victory, the Ottoman Empire was formed. From all these histories it is clear that the coming episode will be a massive fight. Hopefully this episode will be one of the best episodes of season 4.

Last episode, Osman Bey showed his strength by beheading the Mongol commander Naiman. On hearing this news Tekfur Valens asked King Andrenikos for an army. Emperor Andrenikos accepted Tekfur’s demand. He placed his vast army under Tekfur Valens. This makes Tekfur’s valence very strong. Osman Ber spy told this news to Osman Bey.

Osman Bey made a new plan after hearing this news. Osman Bey tries to find out their route to destroy the army. Osman Bey sent a group of soldiers to destroy them when Osman Bey discovered their route. After destroying them, the two forces of Tekfur Valance are no longer united. This weakens Tekfur’s power. Osman Bey became stronger Horses and soldiers began to arrive from all the surrounding settlements. Begans from different places came under the Osman Ber flag from far away.

Naiman tries to kidnap Malhun Hatun’s daughter Fatima, but Bala Hatun and Bajian resist them. When Osman Bey found out that Malhun Hatun Bala Hatun and Fatimah were missing when he came to Ineshihar, Osman Bey went out to look for them.

After finding Naiman, Osman Bey defeated him and brought him to Ineşihar. Osman Bey killed him in front of everyone in the settlement Isrigun Hatun, however, wanted to take him alive to Ghazan Han. Osman Bey did not give him that permission and instead wanted to deliver Naiman’s severed head to Ghazan Khan.

Ghazan Khan, a Muslim, helped Osman Bey by deposing Sultan Alauddin and placing Sultan Masud on the throne, thus Osman Bey became independent from Ghazan Khan’s circle. Because in Konya, Osman Bey installed Sultan Masud on the throne according to his choice. By this no further orders are coming from Konya against Osman Ber.

One of the heart touching scenes of this episode was the father daughter love. The dialogue between Fatima and Osman Ber has soothed everyone’s heart.
A daughter is the best gift in the world for a father. Do you know what gift God gives to people when he is happy? Daughter Yes, this is Islam, this is the truth. A daughter is a blessing for any house. He should be an ideal father to raise the child like a human being. MORE

May Allah grant me to be an ideal father. amen To an ideal father, his daughter is his princess. He is ready to sacrifice many things in life to make his princess happy. Generally every mother loves her son and father loves his daughter. But both have equal parental love. A girl may be very poor and black but she is a princess to her father. A girl child is never a burden, a girl can change a society if given proper care.

It is said in the hadith that whoever has a daughter becomes the owner of a paradise. But he should raise his daughter as an ideal person. I am proud as a father of a daughter because Allah has kept me well in this. A daughter is a great blessing from God.

Tekfur Valens went to the church after being defeated so many times. He prayed silently there. In fact, all creatures return to their owners when they are in danger. When people are in more danger, they call Allah. But it stops until the danger is released. So Allah says that when they are in danger, they call upon God, and when I remove their danger, they act as if they have never been in danger. In fact, they are very ungrateful. MORE

Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles

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  1. I love Kurulus Osman and have been a fan right through since it started. I love the love story of Osman and Bala and was very disappointed when her heart was broken. They are the main characters of this series which makes it more interesting to watch and without Bala this series will be meaningless.

    I cannot wait for Season 5 to come on so I can watch it and looking forward to a much more interesting storyline and characters too.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for an amazing series that I can recommend for everyone to watch.

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