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Kurulus Osman 133 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

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At the beginning of Volume 132, we see Cherkutai Alp freed from captivity by Yakup Bey’s Alp in exchange for gold coins. Then we see that Yaqub Bey tells Osman Bey to show his allegiance by kissing his hand. But Usman Bey expressed reluctance.

Yaqub Bey offered Osman Bey to follow his command. But Osman offered Yakup Bey to go together. At one point in the war of words, Usman Bey invited all the Beys, including Yaqub Bey, to Yenisehi’s Prasad for dinner. And Osman Bey orders Kunur Alp to find Remos. In order to prove it, Remos had trapped Osman Bey on Yaqub Bey’s orders.

Osman online Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

On the other hand, Alauddin Bey and Ganja Hatun spent the night at an inn on their way back from Konya. In that inn too, Gunnja Hatun conspired to take the map of the treasury of the Seljuk kingdom from Alauddin Bey. But Alauddin Bey’s cleverness foiled Ganja Hatun’s plot.

Cherkutai Alpo arrives at Yenisehi’s palace in a very devastated state. Cherkutai blames Usman Bey for all these years of captivity and leaves the palace with his family in shame.

Meanwhile, Urhan Bey engaged in a war of words with Mehmet Bey to rescue Holofera, who was held hostage by the Flagless, and succeeded. Then Orhan Bey returned to Yenisehir, taking Holofera with him.

Osmanonline Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

Yenisehir is in full swing preparing for dinner. Vasilis on the other hand
Prepares to attack the feast. Yakup Bey’s son, Mehmet Bey, also prepared to attack Yenisehir, if everything was not as usual as Yakup Bey said, then Mehmet Bey would attack. As evening approaches, all the border bays and bay’s hammers come to Yenisehir.

Yakub Bey and Sadet Hatun also come. According to Turkish tradition, they do not welcome guests. At the meeting, Yakup Bey expressed his desire to become the new Sultan. However, Yakup Bey did not obey Sultan Mesoud of Konya. more

Kunur Alp and Byndar Bey captured Remos and brought him to Yenisehir. Remos inquired and found out that Yakup Bey was behind all this. Yakup Bey had conspired to destroy the reputation of Osman Bey. After knowing Osman Bey questioned Yaqub Bey as to whose reputation he wants to ruin from behind.

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