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Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Bolum 119 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 English Subtitles


Today’s episode was the most exciting episode of Kurulu’s season 3. The first episode shows Osman Bey hatching new plans with his alp. He made a plan and stepped forward. Those are the plans

  1. Inegul Bijay
  2. Bringing Ismihan Sultan to his side
  3. Making a difference between Naiman and Olof
  4. Reducing Olof’s power by entrapping Frigg.

He consulted everyone to implement these plans one by one. Osman Bey sent Turgut Bey to Inegul. Cherkutai Alp and Ulgen Hatun helped them to enter Inegul. Cherkutai Alp is already in Inegule as a cleaner. And Ulgen Hatun is working there as a nurse of the cult of Jesus. Osman Bey suddenly sent a message to the Father of the Church.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles Kayifamily

The message is given to Cherkutai. Because in this message it is clearly stated that they are coming to conquer Inegul. And for that, Turgut Bey and Bajian women must first enter through the secret tunnel of the fort. This responsibility was given to Cherkutai. Cherkutai takes Ulgen Hatun with him and knocks out the guards near the tunnel mouth. Then they take off the mouth cover. A moderate force of his alpes, including Turgut Bey, entered Inegul.

Just before Osman Bey is about to attack Inegule, a group of Bajian women enter. In this case, Ulgen Hatun himself cooperated. Bala Hatun was leading the Bajians. He was accompanied by Malhun Ayesha Bengi Hatun Al Chechik. The Bajian sisters, including Bala Hatun, were advancing forward, killing the guards inside the fort one by one.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles Kayifamily TV

Osman Bey Ismihan Sultan was used to conquer Inegul. And Ismihan agreed to cooperate with Osman Bey for Sultan and his son Sultan Alauddin. Ismihan Sultan first sent a message to Olof to inform him that he would go to Inegul tomorrow Ismihan Sultan was very distressed when Olof did not accept him but became arrogant

After Ismihan Sultan reaches Inegul, Olof asks why you feel so big. I did not give you this inegul? Why are you thinking of yourself now? Then Olof spoke arrogantly again. This made Ismihan Sultan understand that Olof would never submit to him again. So he asks her to go down and bid him farewell.

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

Olof was waiting at Inegule for Frigg. Barbar wanted to know if there was any message from the frig. But through Bengi Hatun, a big fad for Frigg is Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun. Frigg Osman enters Inesihar in disguise to kill the Ber boys. Then they targeted someone they thought was Osman Ber’s son Alauddin Bey.

When Alauddin Bey sees the boy’s face, he realizes that it is a trap. He orders all his alps to be killed. At this time, Bala Hatun and Malhun surrounded Frigg from all sides Bala hammer hits Frigg and Frigg falls to the ground. Frigg stood up again. Bala Hatun then stabbed Frigg in the stomach. Frigg died from this injury.

As this plan was successful, Osman Ber’s plans are now coming into effect. Osman Bey Ismihan went to meet the Sultan. Then Osman Bey revealed his situation to Ismihan Sultan. Ismihan Sultan can understand Osman Ber today

Kayifamily Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

Osman Bey is implementing another plan. Osman Bey takes a new strategy to prevent any new friendship between Olof and Naiman. So he is killing them one by one. Reduce power by killing Frigg first. Keeping Olof in one place will increase one’s strength elsewhere

Then Olof came down and his alps with Turgut Bey in front of him began to fight Olof’s men. Then Ismihan Sultan took up arms and started fighting. Ismihan Sultan said something to Olof. “Olof told you if you understand more than me you will lose everything” today is your day to lose.

Olof’s forces were defeated. Olof Osman was captured by Ber. Meanwhile, the Mongol army attacked the Marmarajik fortress with a large force. After killing all the soldiers, Oktem Bey was captured and returned to Inegul. The captive Oktem Ber wants Naiman Olof in exchange. Osman Bey asks everyone present whether they want martyrdom or fear death.

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles

All the Alps together said they wanted martyrdom. After such judgment, Osman Bey again questioned Bengi Hatun and Al Chechik Hatun. Do they want martyrdom or are they afraid of death? Then they say they want martyrdom. After the judgment of all present, Osman Bey asks Oktem Bey what you want. Oktem Bey then made a bold statement. He said my life will be blessed with martyrdom.

After saying this, Ismihan begged Sultan Osman to release Olof to save Oktem Bey. Osman does not agree. Instead, he killed Olof Naiman and was shocked to see them before his eyes. Naiman kills Oktem Bey as he promised. And this episode ends with Oktem Ber Shahadat, we will never see the main three people of this series from today’s episode. Everyone will be fine

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 English Subtitles



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