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Kurulus Osman Episode 101 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 101

Kurulus Osman Episode 100 Review

Weapons are different, enemies are also different, everything is new, and we will start all over again. Thus ends Kurulus Osman 99

Kurulus Osman 100 Volume begins with Osman Bey and Alauddin Pasha’s weapons training.

Osman Ber’s letter to the Emperor

On his way back from Constantinople, Osman Bey was attacked by a group of bandits, Osman Bey wrote a letter to the emperor detailing the attack, three Alps were carrying the letter when Freig attacked them and took the letter. The Alps died.

Attempt to kidnap Orhan Bey

Kantakogenus, the emperor’s close minister and heir to the throne, wanted to kill the emperor and become the new emperor, but when Osman Bey foiled his plan, Osman Bey was desperate for revenge. Attacking Orhan Bey, they were initially successful but were defeated by Osman Bey, and Osman Bey arrested one of them.

Martyrdom of Oktem Ber Alp

As we saw in the last episode, Osman Bey organized a meeting of the Vedas, where Oktem Bey and his alps were tasked with protecting an area. There, on the orders of Osman Ber, Oktem Ber Shala sent an army under the responsibility of Batur, on the other hand, in order to trap Osman, Olof Turki carried out a massacre in that village, later Batur actually resisted, then the entire army led by Batur was martyred.

Plot of Kantakogenus

He takes revenge on Osman, and falls in with the emperor to make Osman worse, he first tries to kidnap Orhan and fails, meanwhile all the soldiers led by Batur by Oktem Basti are martyred, Oktem Bey wants to immediately fight against Olof, Turgut Bey intervenes, Because a peace treaty was in progress between the two countries, he blocked it. And finally, Oktem returned home without the bodies of the martyrs.

Bynder Bay

It can be thought that another Sadeddin Kopek supported Osman Bey from above but he prepared new plans by himself. He wants to be the Sultan of the new dream state.

Capture of Kanur

Konur is imprisoned by the emperor’s daughter Ophelia, who interrogates all those involved in her father’s murder, Konur is released through his loyalty, and Conur gains new power in the emperor’s palace.

Argument settlement by Edev Ali

To recover the bodies of the martyrs, Oktem Bey went out with a group of his soldiers towards the village in the Simant region where the bodies of the martyrs are, they will leave the settlement, when Boran Alp appeared and said that no Turkish settlement will leave the settlement with a sword, it is Usman ordered out.

Then Oktem Bey became emotional and wanted to take action, Shaykh Edeb Ali came and stopped them, we see that they respected the scholars and Ulamas too much, and Shaykh said that is why he stopped. It is a pity for the current generation.

The bodies of the martyrs were recovered

Olof invites Osman Bey to take the body, but Osman Bey realizes what trap Olof might set, so Osman Bey takes precautions, while Osman Bey goes to meet him, on the other hand, assigns Turgut the task of recovering the body, Turgut Bey succeeds in his task.

The battle between Olaf and Osman

Osman Bey realized Olof’s plan to avenge the martyrs and attacked him in his hideout.

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