Kurulus Osman Episode 114

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles

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The episode begins with Ismihan Sultan’s intellectual conspiracy plan. Rekindling old love in Alchechik’s mind. Ismihan Sultan weakened Al Chechik again towards Aktemur. Ismihan assures Sultan Alchechik that she will be given in marriage to Aktemur.

And he is sorry for the previous incident. Alchechik almost fell from the sky at such behavior of Ismihan Sultan. He could not believe Al Chechik Hatun in any way. Meanwhile, funny scenes of Olgen Hatun and Cherkutai are shown. Olegen Hatun is being trained by Cherkutai.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Then Guburuz Alp appeared there and was disturbing Cherkutai. Then Cherkutai became angry. But later Gurbuz tells Alp Cherkutai that Osman Bey is calling him. Then he came to Osman Ber with Gurbuz on his neck Osman Bey gave new duties to Cherkutai and Olgen Hatun.

He asked them to go to Kobruhisar All the news there asked Osman Bey. When Osman Ber’s order is conveyed to Olgen Hatun, he is horrified. But he is happy to hear that Cherkutai will go with him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles Kayifamilytv

Ismiham Sultan Osman came out to settle. Ismihan Sultan was somewhat angry that Osman Bey did not ask him to come in. When Ismihan Sultan arrived in Basti, he sent his vizier to look for Sultan Masud. Ismihan returned everything to Sultan Osman Bey. Even Inehisher and

Sultan gave him a letter signed by Alauddin regarding all these matters. Osman Bey tore up the letter. Ismihan Sultan left the settlement and left for Marmaraji Meanwhile Sultan Masud was taken to a secret place by Kumral Abdal. Orhan and Alauddin Bey arrived with food for the Sultan under the orders of Osman Ber.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles Osmanonline

When Ismihan Sultan’s soldiers saw them, Orhan Bey made an emergency plan. Sultan and Kumral Abdal changed their clothes. and sent the Sultan away with Alauddin. And the soldiers of Ismihan Sultan started chasing after Kumral Abdal. Then they caught Kumral Abdal. But when they were desperate to kill Kumral Abdal, Orhan Bey killed them

Osman Ber sent messages to the Vedas of all the settlements. So that all the Beras are on the side of Sultan Masud Instead of killing the Mongol commander Samagar, the Mongols sent a message to Ismihan Sultan. They double the taxes and ask Osman out.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 English Subtitles

After hearing this news, Ismihan Sultan called three big men to the border area. The next day a special meeting was organized by Ismihan Sultan. Shamsuddin Yamani Bey and many others were present there.

As Osman Bey entered the mountain to attend this beylic meeting, a soldier barred Osman Ber with a sword. Then Osman put out his hand to take out the sword. In response, Osman Bey threw the soldier to the ground with a slap!

Then the messenger is brought into this meeting. After reading the message in front of everyone including Osman Bey, Osman Bey cut off his head And the head was sent to a soldier All those present were very angry.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 English Subtitles Kayifamily

Osman Bey then said I have given my answer We are ready for war. Someone come with us. If not, we can deal with them The other people present at the meeting were very upset and scared. They kept thinking about the frontal attack of the Mongols.

After the death of Kantakazanos, Emperor Andrenikos Olof sent a large force to attack the Muslims. After Olof converted to Christianity, the emperor began to trust him more than before.
Meanwhile, Kalam Shah Bey and Zander Bey Osman Ber protested this decision. They asked what to fight with the Mongols.?

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles

Then Osman Bey replied that with the force with which I had defeated Geyhatu, I would again stand before the Mongols.

Meanwhile, Bynder Bey joins hands with Olof to perpetuate the treachery. He takes a box of gold for Olof. He complains to Olof against Ismihan Sultan. He gets even angrier when Ismihan Sultan marries Alchechik. The Olofs attacked and occupied Inegul with a large force provided by the emperor.

And Baindar helps him in this work. Because on that day everyone including Turgut Bey was in Marmarajik fortress to attend the wedding ceremony of Aktemur and Alchechik. Olof Inegul seized this opportunity. Alchechik’s marriage ceremony was attended by all Beras including Osman Bey This event is completed successfully. At the end of this ceremony a soldier came and announced that Inegul had been captured.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 English Subtitles

Hearing this, Turgut Bey approached the messenger and Ismihan Sultan told him to stop. Ismihan Sultan swears that if I have to fight the last battle of his life he will do it. But Osman Ber suspected Ismihan Sultan So he put the sword on Ismihan Sultan’s throat and said if he had made any conspiracy then he must suffer the consequences. Then Ismihan Sultan said that if he wanted to take the fort then his one order would have been enough.

Then Osman Bey said I have acquired this land with blood and if anyone conspires, I will cut off his head. And this episode ends with this dialogue.

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