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Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles


As we see at the beginning of the Episode, the infidels are greatly impressed by the charisma of Osman Bey and the sword of the soldiers. They are ending one by one. In the meantime the Muslims retreated, all regained strength at the sound of Osman ber Allahu Akbar, and again attacked vigorously. Thus, in this battle, Osman Ber’s army won.

On the other hand, we see that Naiman goes after Fatima after seeing her. Malhun Hatun fights for his daughter for a long time despite being injured. But when he fails he tells his daughter, run away from here. According to her mother, daughter Fatima started running towards the forest.

But Mangal goes after Fatima. After running for a while, Fatima fell and was caught. When a Mongols soldier goes to attack Fatima, Bala Hatun and his soldiers attack the Mongols there and finish them off one by one. Naiman escaped with some of his soldiers.

We then find Osman Bey returning to his residence in Yenisehir, upon hearing bad news. He hears that Malhun Hatun is trapped and Bala Hatun goes after him to help. Osman Bey gets worried and wants to rush to the attack position, but Ulgen also hears from Hatun that Osman Ber’s daughter Fatima is missing, they think that Malhun went to Fatima with Hatun’s carabine. Osman Bey went there and found the girl healthy, and everything was fine. He thanked him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles

Next we find Osman Bey Malhun learned from Hatun that Naiman had escaped by this route. So Osman Bey followed him that way. On the other hand Bala Hatun and his soldiers find Naiman, and attack him. Osman Bey moved there, captured Naiman. Osmania slaps him at will. and taken prisoner to Yenisehir.

Meanwhile, the news of Naiman’s imprisonment comes to the ears of Tekfur Valens. And when the Techfurs were alarmed at this news, Valens of the Techfur informed them that he was bringing forces from the west. and will now go to Constantinople to ask for troops to the Emperor. These two forces will unite, and destroy the Turks from this land.

Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles

Next we see Naiman being captured and brought to Yenisehir by Osman Bey. As he entered Yenisehir, people met Naiman with sticks and riots. Then came the desired moment, and Osman Bey Naiman fell to his knees. and separates his head from his body.

Next we find Baisungu bringing news that Tekfur Valens has gone to Constantinople. So Osman Bey immediately organized the meeting. And all Bera appears there. In the presence of Bede, Osman Bey said, “If Tekfur Valens returns from Constantinople with an army, we have a tough battle ahead of us.”

And then we find Tekfur Valens went to Constantinople, met the emperor, and assured the emperor that he would defeat the Turks. Let only the emperor’s forces be given at his command. The emperor agreed to this.

In the morning, when Osman Bey went to collect news in the jungle, he learned that Tekfur Valens was returning from Constantinople with an army. And then he saw a Muslim army. To find out who they were, Osman Bey left his robes and came before them in plain clothes. Osman Bey talked to them and found out that they have been on the road for 15 days. They are coming from far away to Yenisehir to fight.

Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles

Next we find, as Osman Bey has learned, that forces are coming from Constantinople. So he will take action accordingly. Meanwhile, he received information from a captured commander that an army from the west would come through this road, so he laid a trap for Osman Bey on the road. Infidels fall into the trap, and Muslims treat the infidels well.

And finish off the disbelievers one by one. Two soldiers fled the attack, followed by Boran and Cherkutai. Two of the infidel soldiers escape to where the forces are gathering, and Boran recognizes the place. Then he came out to Osman and told him about the place. more

Osman Bey noiselessly dispersed his forces around the infidels’ forces. And those two soldiers returned to Firat, the commander Velens realized that Osman Bey had intended it. In order to find his army. So Valens said: Osman is here. And on the other hand Osman Bey was watching all secretly, and said: If this battle is won, Bithynia will be mine, and we will be an independent state.

Kurulus Osman Episode 129 ends here with these events. We will see in the next Episode, last Episode of Kurulus Osman Season 4, will Osman Bey win this battle? If the war is won, what will happen next? more

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