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Barbaros Hayreddin 16

Osman online Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 English Subtitles

Episode 15 Review

Khairuddin Barbarossa and his Levants overcome a raiding trap at Himara Fort. Now they are planning to reach the fort secretly. Because, the order of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Suleiman. He must observe it anyway. He did not know the situation inside and Salih Reis also did not want to be left behind in the expedition and marched with Charlemagne.

Dervish, who is staying in the capital to look for evidence. Finally he finds evidence that Pargali Ibrahim Pasha killed Iskender Çelebi.

Meanwhile, Shahsuvar also became aware of this proof and conveyed this proof to Pargali Ibrahim Pasha.

Meanwhile Darbesh and Ayaz Pasha now think Ibrahim Pasha’s system is over. It is clear that neither side will avoid fighting until the last moment.

Osmanonline Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 English Subtitles

Himara, where Khairuddin Barbarossa came to conquer, but Kemankes Pasha made the way difficult. Maria captures Tina and Daria along with Luna. Kemankes Pasha became a hostage inside the fortress that Khairuddin Barbarossa had come to conquer. When Khairuddin Barbarossa came to know about this, he thought of a plan.

Meanwhile again despite the participation of Turgut Reiss and his Levants, they are still greatly outnumbered. The fact that Kemankes Pasha was in Charlemagne’s hands made Khairuddin Barbarossa’s task more difficult. But as it were, a plan must be devised to make their conquest possible according to the Sultan’s order.

As soon as Luna reaches Himara, she starts searching the map to find out where the island is. He starts looking for the island where his family is imprisoned, his brother, his father, his mother. A difficult task awaits Luna. Luna says to her partner: I still don’t know how my father is? How old is my brother? What do they look like? Moreover, he continues to try to avoid facing Barbarossa.

Osman online Barbaros Hayreddin English Subtitles

Khairuddin Barbarossa meanwhile wrote a letter in an arrow and threw it into the city to get the people’s help. Which reached the priest there he came to meet him. And urged people to protect themselves. And Khairuddin Barbarossa said: We have come here for the people and we will leave them safe.

Khairuddin Barbarossa and Turgut Reis and his levants are captured together, a victorious general who is looking for a way out of the dungeons of the Himara castle, but Batista comes forward, risking his life to save Tina.

It is Batista who mingles with the emperor of the castle who suspects him to be one of his accomplices. When Khairuddin Barbarossa sent emissaries to the emperor to hand over the fort. He then sent messenger after messenger to Khairuddin Barbarossa to find out the number of troops, Batista was sent as the messenger. And emperors use dogs to memorize roads. And Batista returned and told the emperor they were twenty thousand soldiers. When Batista is asked how did you know he says he has seen a lot of cooking. There will be approximately twenty thousand soldiers. Knowing this, the emperor was shocked and worried.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 English Subtitles

Meanwhile, Khairuddin Barbarossa escapes from the prison and attacks the castle, with the wisdom of Khairuddin Barbarossa, he finishes off everyone in the castle. The Emperor and Daria are knocked unconscious for captivity.

Meanwhile, Luna introduces Maria to her father, but Maria kills her father. And with this murder, Luna’s last hope is destroyed. Because only his Maria’s father could have given him the map. The map through which he found the island. Where are his parents and family.

Meanwhile the evidence which is supposed to reach the Sultan. Ibrahim caught it in his hand and Shahsuwar informed Ibrahim that he got the news from his niece. He revealed the news by giving his niece the document to escape the murder case. When the news was conveyed to Ibrahim, Ibrahim came to his house to find the evidence and caught the evidence in his hand.

Volume 14 ends with these events. And we’re going to get the answer in the next volume. Did Khairuddin Barbarossa conquer the entire fortress? What will Khairuddin Barbarossa do with the emperor and Daria? What will happen to Maria? What about the evidence? And what will happen to Pargali Ibrahim? more

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