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Assalamu Alaikum dear Kurulus loving brothers and sisters. Hope you all are well. Today we will discuss several parts of Volume 135.

  1. Recapture of the Treasure Looted in the Gupta Raid: We saw at the end of last volume, volume 134, that Osman Bey pledged allegiance to Yaqub Bey. In volume 135 we find,

Soon after pledging allegiance, Osman Bey received word from Yenisehir that a secret attack had been made on Yenisehir. Then Osman Bey came to Yenisehi’s palace. Asa later found out that Boran Alp was seriously injured and all the treasures of the treasury were stolen by the attackers.

He then ordered Osman Bey, Osman Bey, to follow the trail of the attackers and find them. And Kunur ordered Bey to find evidence of the palace. Boran Alp is so badly injured that he is not sure if he will survive until the next day. Meanwhile, we took the traces of the Urhan Bey attackers to Byndar Ber Tabu. Bynder Bey finds the gold coins stolen from the palace in his hut and brings them back to the palace.

  1. Baindar Bey’s involvement in the raid and treasure theft: After Orhan Bey brought back the treasure, he told Usman Bey the details. Because Binder Bay is involved in this secret attack. Gold coins were found in his residence. Coonoor Bey also gets the coin stolen from Bynder Bey’s room. But Osman Bey did not believe it at all.

He ordered Alauddin Bey to identify the dead bodies among the attackers. Meanwhile, because of all the evidence and witnesses against Bynder Bey, the court sentenced him to death on charges of theft and wounding Boran Alp, and the judge also ordered the execution of the death sentence. Alauddin Bey also with his intelligence found the corpses of the assailants with signs of the Crusades to prove that Bynder Bey was not connected with the attack and that he was innocent.

  1. The Martians arrive and demand 70,000 gold coins: At an evening feast in the Garmian border market, just as Osman Bey pledges his allegiance to Yaqub Bey, an envoy from the Martians arrives. who is the messenger of Olzaitu Khan in the Ilkhanid kingdom. The messenger came and demanded an annual tax of 50,000 dirhams and a fine of 20,000 dirhams for bloodshed with Osman Bey. The messenger left after two days. Then Yakub Bey ordered a fine of 20,000 dirhams and a tax of 50,000 dirhams to be paid to Uthman Bey. give Osman Bey agreed to pay.

But how many days will last? Konya Mars will pay taxes for the rest of his life? Osman Bey suggested uniting and resisting the Martians. Then Usman Bey took the gold coins to the base of the Mangal army. But Mangal Commander Akjalasone tries to capture Osman Bey.

  1. Alauddin Bey and Ganja Hatun: Ganja Hatun’s mother Sadet Hatun realizes that Alauddin Bey and Ganja Hatun like each other. But Sadet Hatun wanted to use Alauddin Bey’s weakness as a tool. So Ganja instructed Hatun to have a love affair with Alauddin Bey.

So deep a relationship has to be created that Alauddin Bey runs like Ganja Hatun. Ganja agreed to her mother’s order despite not wanting to have a false relationship with Hatun. Sadet Hatun ordered Ganja Hatun to go to Sogu and win Bala Hatun’s heart. Go to Ganja Hatun Sogu. Bala tries everything to win Hatun’s heart.

  1. Secret attack on Sogu: The main reason for this attack is to create chaos in Sogu, Ustad Gera i.e. disguised Ayhan Aga and Vasilis disguised Faisal Bey instructed disguised Hasan Aga to attack and create chaos in Sogu. As instructed by Ustad Gera, the disguised Hasan Agha and his troops attacked Sogu.

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