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Watch Kurulus Osman Ep 134 in English Sub

At the beginning of volume 133 we find Alauddin Bey meeting Bala Hatun at Sogu. Meanwhile Yaqub Bey in Yenisehir accused Osman Bey of attacking Yaqub Bey in the Garmian market on the border. And Osman Bey also accused Yakub Bey that Yakub Bey was plotting.

At one point, the rest of the Begans present stopped the two of them so that they did not engage in a fight. Still Osman Bey did not accept Yaqub Bey’s loyalty. Yakup Bey invited Osman Bey to the new bazaar on the border and he left Yenisehir, offering allegiance to Yakup Bey.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 Ep 134 in English Sub

On the other hand, Vasilis gives Remus the key along with food to rescue him from prison. Remos also managed to break out of prison. Vasilis then orders Remus to kill Osman Bey. As Osman Bey was planning to attack Lef at the fortress, Remos shot an arrow at Osman Bey. Vasilis took this opportunity to kill Remus and win the heart of Osman Bey.

Malhun Hatun resented Holofera for being disrespectful, not being a Muslim, and having no traditional education. And Orhan ordered Bey to bring Holofera back to his own homeland.

Osman Bey ordered Orhan to follow the map given by Sultan Mesud to retrieve the treasure, and ordered Alauddin to attend the opening ceremony of the new market on the border. In the morning Osman Bey left for Lefk.

Yakup Bey planned to start a new conspiracy and ordered Mehmet Bey that the Flagless would work for Yakup Bey but accept the loyalty of Osman Bey. Mehmet Bey convinced the Flagless with gold coins.

Then Mehmet Bey goes after Orhan Bey to get the treasure. Mehmet Bey attacked Urhan Bey in the Black Arena, where the treasure is. Orhan Bey was injured.

Yakub Bey appointed Cherkutai as head of the new market. Yakub Bey accompanied Cherkutai to Lefk to capture Lefk before Osman Bey. The Bannerless joined Osman Bey. Osman Bey marched with them to Lefk to test their loyalty. But before Osman Bey could go, Yaqub Bey captured Lef. More

Watch Kurulus Osman Ep 134 in English Sub




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