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Osman Online tv is one of the leading platform for popular, historical, Islamic series and movies English subtitles. We provide subtitles and series update news with detailed discussion about each episode. We stream historical series, ensuring a real experience for English speaking viewers.

Keeping viewers in mind, we provide multiple servers for each episode, so even those with low internet speeds can easily watch videos. One of the unique features of our site is that from here you can watch every episode for free without any registration.


Osman Online TV is an ultimate platform for Turkish historical, social, action series. Osmanonline TV is one of the companies that provide subtitles for internationally acclaimed series or movies. Immerse yourself in captivating storylines, rich cultural narratives and exceptional performances. We invite you to visit our site regularly to know Islamic culture with historical background, historical series movies.


Our website is a reliable platform for viewers. Dirilis Ertugrul, Kurulus Osman, Payitaht Abdul Hamid, Barbaros Hayreddin, Teskilat, Mavlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Haysultan, Kizilelma and many more popular series and movies we steam with security for viewers. There are many sites, which redirect to other sites when you click on them, those sites are very risky. We do not use any advertisements on these sites, so you can safely enjoy our site content.

Discussion about our site:

Osman Online is a website that primarily focuses on Turkish television dramas, commonly known as Turkish Series. The website provides an extensive collection of Turkish Series that users can watch online for free. Osmanonline has gained immense popularity among Turkish Series fans worldwide due to its user-friendly interface, high-quality video streaming, and vast collection of titles.

One of the main features of Osmanonline co uk is its ability to provide English subtitles for Turkish Series, which enables non-Turkish speakers to enjoy these dramas. The website updates regularly with the latest episodes of the ongoing Turkish Series, making it easy for users to keep up with their favorite shows. Osman Online also provides a forum where users can discuss the latest episodes, share their opinions, and connect with other Turkish dizi fans.

In addition to the Turkish Series, Osman Online also provides a collection of Turkish movies, documentaries, and TV shows. The website’s search function allows users to search for specific titles, actors, or directors, making it easy to find what they’re looking for. Osmanonline also provides a rating system, which enables users to rate their favorite shows and movies and share their opinions with other users.

Overall, this is an excellent website for Turkish Series fans who want to watch their favorite shows online for free. With its vast collection of titles, user-friendly interface, and English subtitles, the website has become a go-to destination for Turkish Series fans worldwide.

A short discussion about the series and movies:

Watch Dirilis Ertugrul on Osman online:

Dirilis Ertugrul series is considered as the most popular series in Turkey. It is one of the most popular series in the world. Dirilis Ertugrul series is an Adventure Television series. It was written by Mehmed Bozdag and directed by Metin Gunay. The series was released on TRT 1 channel on 10 December 2014. Engin Altan Duzystan played the main role in this series. He plays the role of the historical character Ertugrul Bey. The series is based on the 13th century biography of Ertugrul Gazi, which has become very popular all over the world.

The series was shot in Beykuz village of Istanbul city. The series has a total of 150 episodes in 5 seasons. Every episode is very interesting. Artugrul Gazi’s side of fighting with the Byzantines is extensively highlighted in this series. Visit our site to watch every episode of the series with English subtitles.

Watch Kurulus Osman on Osman Online:

The Kurulus Osman series starts a few years after the end of the Dirilis Ertugrul series. The main character of this series is Ertugrul Gazi’s son Osman. The series is telecasting every Wednesday on ATV channel. Osman Ghazi was the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Popular Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit is playing the role of Osman Gazi in this series. The series started airing in November 2019. Apart from Turkey, this series is very popular in the world. Mehmed Bohdag himself said, the most popular of this series is Albania, where the name of this series is Osmani.

In January 2021, the series began airing in Arabic subtitles on Noor Play. This series is also very popular in Pakistan. The Urdu dubbing of this series is being aired on Pakistan’s government TV channels.

This series is also very popular in Bangladesh. The Bengali dubbing broadcast of this series started through Bangladesh’s private TV channel Masranga. Then various Facebook pages promoted Bengali subtitles and increased the popularity of the series. We have been promoting the English subtitles of this popular series regularly. Visit our site every Wednesday to watch new episodes of this series with English subtitles

Osman Online Ibn Sina

“Ibn Sina” is a short drama Turkish series based on the childhood of the legendary Ibn Sina, airing on Tabii, a popular Turkish OTT platform. The series is directed by “Hakan Arsla”. The most notable physician, astronomer, philosopher and a writer of the 10th century. The father of early modern medicine in the Islamic Golden Age whose full name was Abu Ali Husayn bin Abdullah Ibn al-Hasan bin Ali Ibn Sina. The series has become very popular among people speaking different languages in different countries besides Turkey.

Osmanonline Ibn Sina English Subtitles

The series stars the popular child actor [kaan Alp Dayi] as ‘Seena’ in the series. [Meriç Ozkaya] has an important role as Sina’s father in the story “Abdullah”. [Deniz Bolisik]
“Shahriar” in the story plays Sina’s mother. [Burak Tamdogan] played an important role in the story as “Kushyar Effendi”. Kushir Effendi was a teacher and researcher.

Ibn Sina is an inquisitive boy who wants to discover knowledge, does not match his age and is more intelligent and intelligent than his age. He read and researched the works of Aristotle. He acquired such knowledge at an early age that when he entered the Madrasa he was comparable to the elders of his age. He was so scientifically minded from his childhood that he also invented the technology of drawing water from deep wells using wind velocity.

Osman Online Kizil Elma

“Kijil Elma” Kizil Elma means red apple i.e. Konashtontipol which our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said Konashtontipol will win one day. Kings and commanders throughout the ages have tried but could not be respected as that army or that commander. During the last Ottoman Caliphate, Sultan Mehmed Khan II, son of Sultan Murad Khan, was honored with the conquest of Konashtontipol. The series is based on Shahzada Mehmed’s childhood and his rise to Sultan at the age of 12. Kizil Elma series is directed by ‘Kamil Aydin’. The series aired season-1 on popular Turkish OTT platform Tabii Screen.

OsmanOnline Kizil Elma

The series stars the child actor [Miraç Sözer] as ‘Shahzada Mehmed’ in the series.
[Murat Garipagaoglu] has an important role as Akshemseddin, the doctor in the story. [Hakan Vanlı] Chanderli plays the role of Halil Pasha. [Hakan Örge] plays Joganos Pasha. [Ali Nuri Türkoğlu] played the role of Shahabeddin Pasha. More important characters are: Mara Hatun, Shahzada Alauddin, Shahana etc.

Shahzada Mehmed was clever and talented from an early age. From then on he dreamed of conquering Conastontipol with his father. He was so clever that even the teachers of the royal palace were always confused by his questions.

Historical Series on Osman Online

On the other hand, doctor Akshemseddine was often discussed in the royal assembly. Then Sultan Murad Khan ordered the Raj Palace to bring him. Then Sultan Murad Khan offered Akshemseddin to be the tutor and companion of his son Shahzada Mehmed. Shahzada Mehmed’s mother Sultan Murad’s 1st wife was poisoned. His brother Shahzada Alauddin was martyred. On one side is Sultan Murad Khan’s 2nd wife Jenny Hatun
Traitor on the other hand Sultan Murad Khan abdicated in pain of losing his son and 1st wife. Then at the age of 12, Shahzada Mehmed II became Sultan. And since then the historical epic begins.

Osman Online Mavlana Jalaluddin Rumi

“Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi” who was a spiritual leader, poet and philosopher. His teachings have inspired people all over the world. His message of love, unity and spiritual wisdom has had a profound impact on both Islamic and Western cultures and is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. And the director [Can Ulkay] made a short play “Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi” based on some historical events of his life.
The series aired season 1 on Turkish popular TV TRT1 and OTT platform Tabii.

Watch Jalaluddin Rumi On Osman Online

The series stars [Bülent Inal] as Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, i.e. Hudavendigar. [Yusuf Çim] played the role of Sultan Giaseddin. [Kaan Yıldırım] played an important role as commander Omar Atabeg in the story. [Sedat Mert] played the role of Artugrul Gazi in the story. [Baki Davrak] played the role of “Samsettin Isfihani”. acted [Sanurzhan Suleimen] played the role of Suktay i.e. Baijo Nayan’s son.

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi was a Sufi scholar and a spiritual master. In late 13th-century Anatolia, as the Martian threat and internal turmoil spread, Rumi, a wise spiritual figure, emerged to assuage people’s fears. His timeless words combined logic and compassion, inspiring change.

Osmanonline Jalaluddin Rumi English Subtitles

When Baijo Nayan’s Martian forces and Anatolian sultan Giyaseddin declared war, Baijo Nayan sent his son Suktay and 2 comrades to Anatolia to gather the warrior’s east so that Baijo Nayan could determine the battlefield himself.

But Baijo Nayan’s son Suktay became close to Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi and converted to Islam. On the other hand, the Anatolian judge Samsettin Effendi started internal intrigues about the war. On his orders, Suktaya was brutally killed. Under the orders of the Sultan, Commander Omar Atabeg began preparing for battle. And to be a part of this historic war, Artugurul Gazi also came to Anatolia with his huge army.

Osman Online Haysultan

The “Hai Sultan” series captures parts of the biography of Abdul Qadir Jilani, a Sufi saint and scholar, one of the most important names in the history of Islam. From an early age he displayed exceptional intelligence and deep spiritual insight that set him apart from others. “Hai Sultan” is a short drama series directed by ‘Emir Khalilzadeh’ that portrays political instability, communal conflict and his struggle to spread peace and love. Season 1 aired on popular OTT platform Tabii in Turkey.

“Mehmet Özgür” played an important role as Abdulkadir Jilani in the series “Hay Sultan”. “Kerem Arslanoglu” played the role of Esref Bey in the series. “Kevork Malikyan” plays Amir Mansour of Baghdad. “Aytek Sayan” plays Turahan Bey. “Cemal Toktaş” plays Molla Faisal.

OsmanOnline Haysultan English Subtitles

Abdulkadir Jilani and Esref Bey met on the journey. Together they left for Baghdad.
Esref Bey came to Baghdad and was strategically appointed to the position of Mukhtarsi in the meeting of Amir Mansur. On the other hand, in addition to the responsibility of mudarris in Jilani madrasa, Abdul Qadir started the struggle for the truth and chaos in the city of Baghdad.

Watch Haysultan on Osmanonline

During the famine of the city, he played an important role in humanitarian activities such as distributing wheat and flour to the people of the city from the tabahbil of his madrasa every day. Starting from solving the problem of water drainage in the city, he struggled against the interest of businessmen. In his madrasa’s library the conspirators placed Sabbahid books, forbidden in Islam. Abd al-Qadir Jilani was dismissed from his post as mudarris of the madrasa and exiled from the city of Baghdad for allegedly having Sabbahid books in his library.

Osman Online Ates Kuslari

“Atesh Kuslari” most of the street children are not past twenties. Drugs, violence, sexual harassment, hunger… the fate of street children is either jail or the grave. Five of these children managed to resist this fate. Calling themselves Aatesh Kushlari, meaning [fire birds] from “worthless”. The oldest of which is 13 years old, the youngest is 6 years old.

A girl and an autistic boy, these are five street children who find a forty-day-old baby in a garbage heap. The series depicts the stories of children defying hardship, pain and fate against all odds. The series is co-produced by Yildiz “Asanboga”, “Gökhan Ayiz”, “Bülent Isbilen” and “Benal Tahiri”. Season 1 of the Atesh Kuslari series aired on Turkey’s popular TV ATV.

Osmanonline Ates Kuslari All Episode

The main characters are: “Ilayda Alisan” plays Gulaisha Atesh.”Hande Soral” plays Marjan Atesh.”Burak Tozkoparan” plays Police Commissioner Barbaros. “Görkem Sevindik” plays Ali Atesh. “Erdem Sanli” played the role of Zipkin Atesh.”Emir Çubukçu” played the role of Savit Atesh. “Serkan Ercan” plays Menderis. “Ahmet Saraçoglu” Played the role of Chatal.

Watch Ates Kuslari On Osmanonline

5 children work for a man named Chatal! They find a baby in the dustbin one night. then
Marjan’s motherly instinct, they decide to take care of the baby. The baby was named “Gulaisha”. The sly bad guy targets the child, thus the chaos begins.

He hits and accidentally kills a woman who was looking for the child. The frightened children decided to leave the area. Gulaisha was the daughter of Bahar and Hafiz Yabgul, a couple from a wealthy family. Her uncle Menderes kidnaps her brother’s daughter for his agenda. To save Ali from being killed, the children agree to tell strangers that they are siblings. Then new life opens its doors when they meet a man in their own cafe.

Osmanonline Teskilat

Members of the national intelligence agency “Teskilat” are always ready to destroy the enemies of Turkey. Seven patriots who accept a mission for their country, where they have to sacrifice their lives and disappear among the living. The series “Teskilat” was created by directors Burak Arliel, Burak Müjdeci, Yagiz Alp Akaydin and Ketche on such a story. The series aired three seasons on the screens of the popular TV TRT1 in Turkey.

Teskilat On Osman online

who played the lead roles: “Caglar Ertugrul” plays Sardar. “Deniz Baysal” plays the role of Zehra.”Serdar Yegin” plays the role of Uzay. Played the role of “Ahmet Ugur Say”. “Turgut Tuncalp” plays the role of Halit Baskan. “Gürkan Uygun” plays the role of Yilderim. “Ezgi Senler” plays Pina.”Nihat Altinkaya” plays Hulky. “Tuncer Salman” played the role of Hakki Chacha.

Osman online Teskilat Season-1

An armed terrorist attack took place against Ciha Engineers in Ankara. As a result of the attack, the Turkish engineer was killed and Ciha’s data was stolen. The attack was orchestrated by foreign intelligence agencies. A secret team was formed within the National Intelligence Agency organization and “Met” was appointed as the head of this team. The members of this team are Serdar, who is the best of MIT. Zehra Balaban, Hakki Chacha, Pinar

Teskilat English Subtitles by Osmanonline

Mete Boss’s son Gurjan who is not a member of the party. The objective of this team is to identify and eradicate the forces behind the attacks. The war is waged against a terrorist organization called The Company, which operates through various operations in all countries of the world. The company chose Zayed Fadi to deal with the Eastern Palestinian Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Osman online Teskilat Season-2

Serdar, who resisted the air raid and landed at the airport, was kidnapped and lost his memories in the laboratory. Then the group moved to Poland. They found Serdar and brought him to Turkey. Also “Mete” Boss had to leave the party chair due to other assignments and was replaced. “Halit” came as the main. After the death of Zayed Fadi in the company “Mete” and “Halit” to the head of the Mediterranean with the president

Brings in Yıldırım, who has been seeking revenge on Tovbaker for 30 years. Yildirim attacked a drilling vessel called “Mavi Vatan 1”, which was searching for oil in the Eastern Mediterranean. Zehra’s ex-husband Kamal died in the attack. Anupta on the other hand is an agent whose real name is Sadiq, who has worked for the state in the past and killed many people. Later, he regretted what he had done and left MIT.

Osmanonline Teskilat Season-3

After Zehra left the organization following the death of Serdar, Hulki and Pinarin in an attack against the company’s superiors and the collapse of the company, Omar Atmecha came to form a new member. Omar knows his own father because he left his mother at a young age. But her father, Ifkar (Gurjan Uygun), who lives in the same neighborhood as her.

Teskilat all Episode by Osman Online

Ifkar hides from Omar that he is his father to protect him from his enemies. Also Zehra; Serdar, Hulki and he go after Francis, who killed Pinarak. David Hartley’s older brother was killed by Ifkar in the past. Later Free Peoples Haleem, Omar’s brother, a sat commando, was martyred in an attack by terrorists affiliated with the committee. Demirji provided assistance to Ibrahim Halim’s killers. Later, Omar, with his sniper rifle, during a live broadcast. He kills the tortured Kendal.

Cop Adam by osmanonline

“Cop Adam” “Temer” a game developer and “Pari” a banker meet in a unique way. And the director about their love story The series is directed by “Çagri Vila Lostuvali” and “Yagiz Alp Akaydin”. “Cop Adam” series aired on Star Tv screens.

“Engin Altan Düzyatan” played the role of “Temer” in the main role.”Elçin Sangu” played the role of “Fairy”. “Sedef Avci” is playing the role of “Berin”. “Elcin Afacan” played the role of “Mary”. “Ali Yogurtcuoglu” plays Ciko.”Cankat Aydos” plays Yabuz.

Temer has childhood trauma that he never gets over. He grew up without parental love. As a child he had to work a lot to support his family financially. He had to take care of his younger sister. After that his parents left them in an orphanage.

Osmanonline Cop Adam

Fortunately, Temer finished school. After graduating from university, he started a business with his close friend Siko. Although he is now living a good life together with his family, he has never forgotten the hardships of his childhood. Temer’s company is very successful.

American investors bought half of the company’s shares for $300 million. After earning a huge amount of money, Temer buys a big mansion where he can live together with his wife, daughter, sister and his parents.

Osmanonline Cop Adam English Subtitles

Although Temer does not get along well with his parents, he still makes a fundamental decision without consulting his wife. She does not talk to her parents but still decides to stay together with her parents.
On the other hand, Pari is a beautiful young woman in her 30s. He is married and works as a manager in a private bank. Her life is turned upside down when she discovers that her sister and her husband are having a secret affair.

Pari cannot stand the betrayal of her loved ones. He leaves a suicide note at her home and decides to commit suicide. As he wanders down the street, he stumbles Temer’s. When Temer meets Pari, he acts irrationally and kidnaps Pari without thinking carefully. He does not understand why he behaved like this. Temer keeps the fairy in a secret room on the basement floor of his new palace.

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